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Our incredible caterers and other wedding vendors are also waiting for your call or email. Check them out as you take a virtual tour of the magnificent mansion on Osgood Hill



Virtual Visit - visit the mansion, without leaving home.

Each room features a selection of our vendors available to answer your questions and inspire you!

Virtual Visit - The Stevens Estate at Osgood Hill

The 1886 brick mansion bestows a mesmerizing and gratifying experience upon all who visit. The mansion itself is the manifestation of aestheticism, a harmony of textures, materials and naturally inspired hand crafted features.

Designed to come alive as the sun peaks out from Osgood Hill sunrise, the mansion's rooms and hallways capture dramatic patterns of light, shadow and reflection that change with each passing minute and create a dramatic moving picture, until sunset provides its' daily conclusion with rich,deep colors and the passion of a fine artist, into the West.

Experience the drama and beauty of the mansion for yourself, and take a walk through the virtual sun drenched gardens, the setting of so many noble conclusions and beautiful opening chapters, of our Stevens Estate weddings.